E  =  Eldritch,  A  =  Audience/ Taper,  C = Crowd  Please Note:- Designed to be used as a guide~it would be impossible to include every little detail
~somethings may be misheard?  
18Apr1985 Hamburg, W Germany Markthalle

(Intro)First And Last And Always, (E: body and soul) Body And Soul, No Time To Cry, (E: possession) Possession, (C: emmaline) (C: hey hey hey) Walk Away, (A: female talking to taper) Emma, Amphetamine Logic, (E: rock and a hard place) A Rock And A Hard Place, (C: whistles) (E: floorshow) Floorshow, (segue) (C: clapping) Alice, (E: body electric) Body Electric, (E: no were gonna play..) Gimme Shelter, Knocking On Heaven's Door, (C: calls for marian) (E: I hate to see a man cry especially when its me) (E: no~train) Train