02August2005 England, Leeds

Date/ SourceFormatTrack List
?-May 1981 Floorshow EP CDFloorshow, Lights, Teachers/Adrenochrome
?-Feb 1982 Basement Demo's CD1969/Good Things/Alice
07Sep 1982 John Peel Session CDAlice, Floorshow, Good Things, 1969
1983 Hard Reign (Early Demo's)CDValentine 1, Body Politic, lights, Anaconda, Driver, Goodthings, Phantom, Burn 1, burn (instr), Valentine 2,
1983 Demo's 83/84CDAlice, Floorshow, Phantom, 1969, Anaconda, Phantom, Valentine, Fix, Burn, Kiss The Carpet, Afterhours, lights, Fix, Goodthings,
10Mar 1983 David Jenson Session CD Burn, Heartland, Valentine, Jolene
19Jun 1984 John Peel Session
and you won’t make me jealous EP
CD Walk Away, Emma, No Time To Cry, Poison Door
19Jun 1984 John Peel Session
CD Walk Away, Emma, No Time To Cry, Poison Door
(with JP's Intro's/Outro's)
11Jan 1985
Last Magician of rational thought
CD No Time To Cry, First & Last & Always, A Rock & A Hard Place, Walkaway
02Apr 1985 Old Grey Whistle Test CD First And Last And Always, Marian
1985 Victims Of Circumstance E.P CD Marian, Dance On Glass, A Rock & A Hard Place, Garden Of Delight
1986** This Corrosion 1 & 2
1987 Kill the lights (demo's CDFlood 1, Lucretia, neverland, untitled, Driven Like The Snow, Flood II,
1989?Cassette Vision Thing Outtakes - Ribbons/Detonation Boulevard/Detonation Boulevard/More/Dr Jeep/Ribbons/Detonation Boulevard/More/Vision Thing/When You Don´t See Me/More
1993 God Squad - Demo's CDIntro, Beans, Floored, Keep the faith
2004 John Peel Session(s)CD digital transcript - Alice, Poison Door, No Time To Cry, Walk Away, Emma
Various - Wide Receiver CDWide Receiver, Walk Away, No Time To Cry, Fix, A Rock & A Hard Place, Black Planet, Marian, Temple Of Love, Poison Door, Train, Floorshow, Marian, Kiss The Carpet, Garden Of Delight, Jolene, Ghostrider
Various - Under the knife
CDIntro,Instrumental, Phantom, Floorshow, This Corrosion, Dominion/Osymandias, More, Dr Jeep, Detonation Boulevard, More, Temple Of Love, This Corrosion, Under The Gun, More
Various - WEA Mix
CDNo Time To Cry, First & Last, Walk Away, A Rock.., Walk Away, A Rock.., A Rock.., First & Last, No Time To Cry, A Rock.., Marian, No Time To Cry, No Time To Cry, Black Planet, First & Last, Black Planet, Black Planet
Various - Kenny Giles Walks On Water
CDBody Electric, Good Things, 1969, Alice, Adrenochrome, Body Electric, Anaconda, Phantom, Good Things, Adrenochrome, Body Electric, Adrenochrome, Good Things, Floorshow, Lights, Teachers/Adrenochrome
Various - Victims Of Circumstance 2CDghostrider/Sister Ray/Marian/Dance on glass/A rock and a hardplace(Disco-mix)/Garden Of Delight/Garden Of Delight/Knockin' on heavens door/Serpents kiss/Emma/Jessicas Crime/Afterhours/A rock and a hard place/jolene/Knockin' on heavens door/temple of love/somekind of stranger/no time to cry
Various - Victims Of Circumstance CDghostrider/Sister Ray/Marian/Dance on glass/A rock and a hardplace(Disco-mix)/Garden Of Delight/Garden Of Delight/Knockin' on heavens door/Serpents kiss/Emma
Various - Demo & March Violets 11.07.84 CDAfterhours/Marian/Rock and a hard place (Disco-mix)/Garden Of Delight/Emma/Dance on glass/Body electric (J.Peel introduced - 01/84)/ This Corrossion (U.S Mix (cut)/ March Violets -Love hits/ Electric Shades/Lights go out/Don't take it lightly
Various - ANK Compilation
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CDSee Scan - Various including Walk Away (Distance Remix)
1983 Andrew Eldritch & Gary Marx CD30Jun Kingston Poly - Discussing Reptile House, Anaconda & March Violets
1983 Andrew Eldritch & Gary Marx CD15Sep WKNJ - Dicussing origins of name, 1969, Gimmie Shelter,Reptile House & Sleeve, Phantom, American bands, playing Boston, Philladelphia & Washington,
1983 Andrew EldritchCD19Sep WNYU - Discussing Temple Of Love 12", Braineater & March Violets
1984 Andrew EldritchCD13Apr Anne Clarke (WNYU ?) - Discussing Wayne Hussey, Merciful Release, Gimmie shelter, Working Up North, Salvation, Body & Soul 12"
1984 Andrew Eldritch presents his favourite songsCD??Jun
1984 Andrew EldritchCD10Jul Canada - Discussing Leeds, Merciful Release, Heavy Metal, Doktor A., America, Phantom, Suicide/Vega, Afterhours, Smoke & Lighting, Gimmie Shelter, Body & Soul 12", Origins of the name
1984 Gary Marx & Wayne Hussey CD11May Liverpool Rockaround - Newcastle gig cancelled coz of Middlesbrough gig, History of band, Liverpool Warehouse with New Order, American tour six dates, Fav songs, Hobbies, Playing live, Cover versions
1984 Gary Marx & Wayne Hussey CD17Oct Nottingham - Merciful Release, WEA, Music,
1985 Andrew Eldritch & Wayne Hussey CD19Mar
1985 Wayne Hussey CD24Apr Zurich - Gary Marx leaving, Black
1988 Andrew Eldritch & Wayne Hussey CD24Aug Swedish P3 - Discussing This Corrosion and band breakup
1990 Andrew Eldritch, Tony, Andreas, Tim CD23Jun St Goarhausen (Press Conference) - Discussing new band, Patricia, Hamburg, Floodland, Touring,
1990 Andrew Eldritch Andreas & TonyCD31Oct Austrian Orf Music box - "Prince Of Darkness" walkout
1991 Tony & Tim CD19Apr MTV
1991 Andrew Eldritch CD?? Mar - Never seen listed before from Music View
1991 Andrew Eldritch & Danny FieldsCD??Jun From I was wrong demo -
1991 AndreasCD13Jul CINX
1992 Andrew Eldritch CD14Jun Bremen Radio 4 - baby photos
1993 Andrew Eldritch CD19Aug UTG
1993 Andrew Eldritch CD19Aug UTG-Studio Brussel
27May1984 Hamburg, W Germany MarkthalleCDWalk Away / Spirits Fly / Burn
13Oct1984 Manchester, England Manchester UniversityCDUntitled / Some Kind Of stranger / Stairway To Heaven / Untitled / Train / Knockin' on Heaven's Door / Purple Haze / Hey Joe / Walk Away / No Time To Cry
14Oct1984 Huddersfield, England Town Hall
CDPurple Haze / Amphetamine Logic / Train / Knockin' on Heaven's Door / No Time to Cry / Walk Away
26Oct1984 Leeds, England Leeds University CDBurn / Walk Away / Marian / Ghostrider / Rock & A Hard Place / Train / Knockin' on Heaven's Door
27Oct1984 Sheffield, England Sheffield University CD?
01Nov1984 Guildford, England Civic Hall CDWhere Spirits Fly(Instr),Temple Of Love(Instr),A Rock And ..., Body&Soul, Fix
09Mar1985 Glasgow, Scotland Strathclyde University CDGhostrider / Stairway to Heaven / Stop Draggin' My Heart Around / No Time to Cry / Stop Draggin' My Heart Around / Train / Train / Marian / Burn
09Mar1985 Glasgow, Scotland Strathclyde University (diff version) CDGhostrider / Stairway to Heaven / Stop Draggin' My Heart Around / No Time to Cry / Stop Draggin' My Heart Around / Train / Train / Marian / Burn
31Mar1985 Bristol, England StudioCD Walk away/ logic / temple of love / first and last and always / possession
02May1985 Rome, Italy Teatro EsperoCD marian
19May1991 Hultsfred, Sweden Folkets Park CD ??
16Jan1998 Vienna, Austria Libro Music Hall CDSomething Fast / Untitled / Under the Gun / Romeo Down / Vision Thing / Untitled / Comfortably Numb-Some Kind of Stranger / Something Fast / We are the Same, Susanne / Comfortably Numb-Some Kind of Stranger
17Jan1998 Prague, Czech Republic Mala Sportovni Hala CDTrain-Detonation Boulevard / Romeo Down / We are the Same, Susanne / Comfortably Numb-Some Kind of Stranger
18Jan1998 Chemnitz, Germany Kraftwerk CDThis Corrosion / Giving Ground / Will I Dream? / Ribbons / We are the Same, Susanne / On the Wire-Teachers / Giving Ground
20Jan1998 Berlin, Germany Huxleys Neue Welt CD??
21Jan1998 Herford, Germany Kick CDWe are the Same, Susanne
25Jan1998 Hamburg, Germany Gaswerk G1 CDWe are the Same, Susanne / Romeo Down
26Jan1998 Brussels, Belgium Ancienne Belgique CDdominion/knockin’ on heavens door/romeo down/ alice/body electric/
02Sep2000 Glasgow, Scotland Barrowland **??
30Mar2003 Netherlands, Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall **When you don't see me
02August2005 England, Leeds **??
1984 PromoDVDbody and soul
1984 PromoDVDWalkaway
1984 PromoDVDWalkaway (alt edit)
1985 PromoDVDNo time to cry
1985 PromoDVDblack planet
1985 Whistle testDVDFirst & last / Marian
1985 German TVDVDNo Time To Cry
1987 Top of the popsDVDThis Corrosion
1988 Top of the popsDVDDominion
1988 Top of the popsDVDLucretia
1990 Top of the popsDVDMore
1992 Top of the popsDVDTemple of love 92
1993 Top of the popsDVDUnder the gun
1987 The RoxyDVDThis Corrosion
1988 The RoxyDVDDominion
1988 MontreauxDVDLucretia
1993 Peter's pop showDVDI was wrong / more
1991 UK BeatVCDDr Jeep
1985 InterviewVCDBelgian TV Villa Tempo
1985 InterviewVCDWEA Press Conference
InterviewVCDMTV 10 Annivesary special
1988 InterviewVCDSuper Channel
1988 InterviewVCDBelgian TV
1989 InterviewVideoClub X
1992 InterviewVideoVox TV
1993 InterviewVideoElf99
1994 InterviewVideoViva
1994 InterviewVideoSat 1
1992 InterviewVideoPuckkelpop
1991 InterviewVideoMTV Reading
1991 InterviewVideoHamburg
1987 InterviewVideoFormel 1
1987 InterviewVideoNew Grooves
1988 InterviewVideo120 x-ray
1988 InterviewVideoMTV
1988 InterviewVideoSky TV
1988 InterviewVideoNight network
1983 ConcertVCDGlasgow
1983 ConcertDVDPeterborough
1983 ConcertDVDBrixton
1983 ConcertDVDAmsterdam (soundcheck)
1983 ConcertDVDBerlin (3 songs)
1984 ConcertVCDChicago
1984 ConcertVCDYork (full gig)
1984 ConcertDVDYork (3 songs)
1984 ConcertDVDStuttgart
1985 ConcertDVD Longbeach
1985 ConcertDVD San Fran
1985 ConcertDVDRoyal Albert Hall(Aud)
1990 ConcertVideoLondon Nov 26
1991 ConcertVideoReading Festival
1993 ConcertVCDCrystal Palace
1993 ConcertVCDHamburg
1997 ConcertVCDPhiladelphia
2000 ConcertDVDMeraLuna
2001 ConcertVCDLondon Feb 21
2001 ConcertVCDLondon Feb 22
2003 ConcertVCDLondon Apr 18
2003 ConcertVCDLondon Apr 19